Image Upload

You can either upload images to your gallery from your computer via the "Add files" button, or by using the drag and drop mechanics, where you simply move the wanted images to your gallery using only a cursor of your mouse.

Inserting Video

When you insert a video link to your gallery, either from YouTube or Vimeo, JuicyFolio will automatically generate the video's title and description from its source.

Adding Text to Gallery

Among images and videos, you can also add a text to your gallery, in which you can describe your project or ideas for your portfolio.

Adding Gallery Description

Do you want to write something about your pictures? No problem! You can simply add a description to your gallery. However this only works with some designs.

Inserting Clickable Link

You can insert various internet links to your gallery or blog texts with just a few simple steps.

Inserting Clickable Email Address

Make it easy for your visitors to contact you and promote your email address through a clickable link, that will help them create a new email directly to you.

Inserting Image to Post from Gallery

This video will show you how you can easily add and resize an image from your portfolio gallery to any blog post or other text on your website.

Image Reupload

If you want to replace an image with another one, you don't have to delete it and upload it again. You can simply reupload this image, which will also make sure that the title and description of the original image will be preserved.