If you had updated information on your website but it is not updated when you share it on Facebook (specifically the thumbnails and texts of shared articles), it is because Facebook has its own memory that keeps information about your website.

We have a simple fix, though. You just need to visit the address for Facebook data reload, which you will find on https://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug - fill a URL of your website to the appropriate column, then just click on the "Debug" button. The next page will show you what Facebook sees. Though the content of the already shared links can not be changed this way, this fix will affect the newly shared links.

After the debug (reload) is done, you can try to enter a new link from your website to Facebook - the new, updated version should pop up. If that wouldn't be the case, it may be because of a temporal Facebook error. If this problem wouldn't go away, contact our customer support.