Set Gallery Image as Thumbnail

Which of your images do you want to represent the whole gallery? The choice is all yours. We have provided just a simple tool for its realisation.

Set External Image as Thumbnail

Do you want to set a thumbnail image for your gallery, but you don't want to use any of the pictures in it? No problem! As a thumbnail image representing your gallery, you can also use a random picture from your computer.

Cropping Thumbnail

You can crop a specific part of an image as a two separate thumbnails. One for an image thumbnail in a gallery, and the other for a gallery thumbnail in a folder (if the image in question is also set as a thumbnail image of that gallery).

Creating Ptychs

By using the so called Ptychs, you can attach two or more images together. You may find them useful for example for some narrow and long images that don't look good in vertical line, or if you want to show one particular set of images together.

Setting Gallery as Private

If you need to show some images only to someone, you can set your gallery as private. Only those you send a specific link will be able to enter it. You can generate a new link at any time and the old one will then be invalid. It is an alternative for password protected gallery, but your visitors don't have to fill in anything.