Most of our customers don't need an email on their own domain. Because today, it is really not that important whether someone has email named "" in their contacts or on business cards, or if they use their personal email. After all, you are selling yourself and nobody even memorises emails. We all have them written down somewhere.

If you are interested in a simple solution, we offer you, if you buy a domain from us, a transfer from a so called "Catch-all" mailbox. It is a special type of mailbox which collects all of your mail from and transfers it to a mailbox defined by you, for example to your personal email. That means that even if someone will send you a message to, we will transfer it wherever you need it to be.

In your email, you can then simply set as a sender and this way send your mail from your Gmail or other mail provider (however some providers may not support this feature, so please consult them first). Your customers will then always communicate with you via the address.

A benefit of this option is that you can use practically an unlimited amount of mailboxes. If you add a filter setting to your email, you can easily transfer mail even for other recipients or save it to a special folder. Then you won't loose track of your messages.

If Catch-all mailbox is not enough

If having only one mailbox or transferring emails doesn't suit you and you want a full email solution, we can offer you an email hosting in cooperation with our business partner. This offers you a set of your own mailboxes on your own domain for a JuicyFolio services surcharge. Please contact our customer support for current offers in an administration of your website or on

Example of free emails with Catch-all mailbox

Following list contains verified email providers that allow the setting of (other) personal email as a sender.


Other email solutions possibilities

Among listed possibilities, you can also use some of the providers of free email solutions on your own domain. This service is at the moment provided for example by

The last variant is your own mailserver. This possibility is not a problem and you simply need to contact our customer support that will walk you through the setting.